How To Use Growth Hacking Tactics To Grow Your App?

Aditya Joshi
5 min readJul 23, 2021


1. Check Your Competitors

First, check to see if any of your competitors have released a mobile app. This will allow you to innovate and create a better product.

It is important to ensure that no other apps are available on the market that performs similar functions to yours. Also, it is crucial to check if any apps are performing similar tasks with greater efficiency.

You can beat other apps doing the same thing as yours by making your app better than theirs.

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You can check out Google Play Store or App Store to see details such as how many users have downloaded the product, their opinions on it, and what features they have added.

2.Look for Acquisition channels

Once you’ve established that there are no apps on the market, it is time to start looking for the right channels for acquisition. This is a must before you begin developing your app. It will help you to create a strategy for how you can use these channels to grow your business.

Social media channels

Marketers and businesses use it a lot today, mainly because of its wide reach and effectiveness, especially if they are marketing to mobile users all over the globe or in different regions.

Research is essential because it can have a significant impact on many aspects, such as how to write in English and which social media platform best suits your target audience.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a key component in identifying acquisition channels for Apple App Search and Google Play Store.

This will allow your users to find you when they search for your company before their competitor. Your users will then be able to rank higher than them and steal all clicks.

Paid Ads

This is the most common form of advertising used by marketers. It will work well if you have a large budget. Although it won’t guarantee quick results, you can still get users by using paid ads on your mobile app.

3. Find the Problem and Solve It

It is crucial to identify the problem your customers are having and use an app to solve it. What makes this problem unique from other problems around the globe?

Find out what makes it unique and fix those issues. This will allow you to determine the features that you should include in your mobile app.

If your app is a messaging platform (such as Whatsapp), then you can find out the problems people are having with messaging services and fix them. Is the app slow to open? Are messages being sent in real-time? Or not.

4. Create an email list

It is important to have an idea of your target audience and the things they want. Although you can use user feedback to evaluate the quality of your app, it is better to have as much information as possible about your users.

You can do this by creating an email list to help you with the following:

Trust builds — If users feel that you care enough to allow them to communicate via email, they will be more comfortable sharing their ideas and thoughts.

Interact with users- Use the communication channel to communicate with users so that you can keep up to date on technology changes and know which features will be most beneficial for them.

Create a baseAs the years go by, this email list will become a larger and more diverse pool of potential buyers.

Your app will succeed if it is loved by your customers.

These are two examples of email lists you can look at:


This is an excellent example of how valuable an email list can prove to be. This app is one of the most popular today, and all its features are built on user feedback.

It was only four functions when it first came out. These were to save notes, remind you of them, share with your friends, and sync content across devices.

They have over 100 million users who store their data in Evernote. This proves that marketers need to get real-time feedback from users to make an app successful today!


Drew Houston, the founder of Dropbox, realized in 2010 that Dropbox users who receive their first 10GB free space were more likely to use the app. This allowed him to quickly build his email list.

Now it’s your turn. Include a subscription form to your app. This will ask visitors if they would be interested in receiving updates on any new features or future developments that you have for your app. Also, how they can help improve your app.

This email list can be used for marketing purposes, such as announcements and newsletters.

5. Try out different methods

It is best to experiment with your app to find the best way to grow it.

You should keep in mind that other apps are doing the same thing as you, so your app must-have features that make it stand out.

This can be done by adding new elements to your design, but it is even more important when testing your product. Do not be afraid to ask people what they think of your product. Instead, if they aren’t happy with certain aspects, change them immediately.

Customers will be happier, which will lead to increased downloads and higher ratings on mobile shops.

6. Get customer feedback to validate your idea

If you listen to your customers and then develop the app accordingly, you will have the most user-friendly and intuitive UI/UX app for your business.

Before you create a single feature for the app, it is vital that you start gathering feedback. It is important to know who your target audience is and what they want from you. Also, what problem do you have to solve with an app?

You can target all mobile users, regardless of their age, gender, country, or gender. Are they using multiple devices? Are they more likely to use free apps than paid ones? Etc.

Before adding new features to your product, you should also test them. You will know which feature works best for your users if you collect as much information as possible about them before their launch.

Please comment below if this was helpful and what growth hacks you used to scale your business.



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